New Icons for Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Update Brings New Icons

The Microsoft Office suite of apps for iOS – PowerPoint, Word, and Excel – have new updates rolling out in the App Store. The updates to the apps are mostly bug fixes but also bring the new icons for each of the apps in tow.

The new apps for the Microsoft Office apps have been teased for a few months now, rolling out first to the apps for Windows 10. The icons are still on their way for Mac but have arrived for iOS. They look more modern than the olds app icons which had not been significantly updated in several years.

New Icons for Microsoft Office
New Icons for Microsoft Office

Aside from the new icons, this update to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint is focused on bug fixes. For Excel and PowerPoint, none of the bugs that were addressed in the update are outlined while for Word, there is a specific update for a bug where ink drawn with touch or an Apple Pencil will shift several pixels in your document. That should be solved now.

Microsoft does a solid job of keeping their apps up-to-date, often rolling an update out every 4-6 weeks for iOS. That is about the same cadence for updates to Microsoft Office 365 for desktops. Most of the more recent updates to the suite of apps have been happening on the desktop. This includes the apps now being available in the Mac App Store.

If you don’t have an Office 365 subscription, you can get one on the Office site. Keep in mind that with a subscription, use of the mobile apps on your iPhone and iPad are free and are full-featured.

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