Microsoft OneDrive Photos Organization

Microsoft OneDrive Update for iOS Brings Improved Photo Organization

Microsoft OneDrive, the cloud storage solution from the Redmond, Washington company, has a new update rolling out for iOS users.  The update, version 10.33.5 for those keeping score at home, brings dramatically improved photo organization to the app.

Previously in OneDrive, when you sync’d your photos from your iPhone to the service, the photos were not really well organized.  You would have swipe up and down to search for photos and it just frankly wasn’t very user friendly.  That has changed with this update.  Now photos are organized my month and year by default, making it much easier to find photo in your library, particularly if you have thousands of them.

This new month and year organization is enabled by default so there is nothing that you need to do to enable it.

Microsoft OneDrive Photos Organization

Microsoft OneDrive Photos Organization

This update to Microsoft OneDrive also has some performance improvements and general bug fixes, and the team even took time to update the app’s icon while they were at it.

If you want to try OneDrive, you can download the app and get a free 5GB storage account.  Those of you who have an Office 365 subscription can get up to 1TB of storage on your accounts.

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