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Microsoft Set to Remove Office 365 Device Install Limits Starting October 2

Microsoft today made a significant announcement for Office 365 customers:  Device install limits are no more.  The change is coming October 2 and it impacts both Office 365 Personal and 365 Home subscribers.  Once the change is made, you can install the Office 365 apps – Word, Excel, PowerPoint – on any number of devices.  The only caveat is that you can only use them at the same time on up to 5 devices.

To this point, the limitations were not onerous but they could get in the way, especially with Office 365 Personal subscribers.  At that level, you could only install the suite on one PC or Mac and on one tablet.  For Home subscribers, it was a bit better in that you could install across a total of 10 devices, effectively 2 each for the five users on the account.  This change will remove those barriers.

The announcement from the Redmond, Washington company also stated that Office 365 Home accounts would gain an extra account, up to 6 from 5, and each of those accounts would still get 1TB of OneDrive storage each.  Further, with the deep integration Microsoft has been doing with family accounts, all users of a family account will automatically be added to the Office 365 account and be able to install the apps.

The change is great to see and it removes a somewhat artificial barrier that Microsoft put into place.  With more people driving productivity from their mobile devices, especially iPads, the change means that Office 365 customers won’t have to think about which device to install the apps on.  They can install them on all of them and go on about their day.

Well done Microsoft.


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