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Microsoft Updates Edge and Outlook to Support Default App Choice in iOS 14

Earlier in the week, I told you about the ability of iOS 14 to set other apps to your default browser, such as Chrome instead of Safari. At the time, I mentioned that I could only get it to work with Chrome and not other browsers like Microsoft’s Edge browser. That now has changed.

Microsoft has rolled out an update to both Edge and Microsoft Outlook that allows you to set them as your default browser and mail client respectively. You’ll need iOS 14 of course and make sure that you have the latest versions of these two Microsoft apps to get it working.

All you will need to do once you have the apps installed is to go to their settings within Settings. You’ll then see the option for Default Browser App or Default Mail App as an option. Tap it then select which installed app you want to use.

Setting Microsoft Outlook As Default Mail App in iOS 14
Setting Microsoft Outlook As Default Mail App in iOS 14

You can download Microsoft Edge and Outlook in the App Store. Both apps are free of charge.

The ability to switch your default browser and mail apps from Apple’s stock apps is one of the longest requested features of Apple and it is good to see them finally support it. While I generally stick with the stock apps, many people need Outlook as their default app for work purpose – or simply prefer it as it as it does have a few more features for power users.

Like many new aspects of iOS 14, you can expect the list of supported browsers and mail apps to grow over the course of the next few weeks and months.

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