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Microsoft’s Acquisition of Dev Repository GitHub is Complete

After being approved by regulatory bodies here in the United States and in Europe, Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub has now been completed.  The $7.5 billion purchase by the Redmond company happened earlier this year and the last major hurdle for the purchase was cleared last week.  That hurdle was approval by the European Union Anti-Trust Commission.

With the acquisition now complete, further integration of the GitHub staff and technology can happen at Microsoft.  That said, the company has made it clear that the dev repository will remain open with plans to open it up further and improve key elements of it.  GitHub currently has approximately 31 million developers using the solution.

Nat Friedman, the new CEO of GitHub and former Microsoft Vice President of Development Services, took to Twitter to express his excitement on the completion of the acquisition.

For developers, right now at least, there is little change.  You will continue to use the service the way you have to this point.  Microsoft has said they want to improve reliability, security, and performance on the platform, while also improving search functionality.  Those features will likely slowly trickle out over the course of the next year.

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