More Evidence Suggesting a Refreshed iPad and iPad mini are Coming

A new filing at the Bureau of Indian Standards in India shows two new iPad models are coming to the country. This provides further evidence that a refreshed iPad and updated iPad mini are likely on their way in 2019. The two new model numbers,  A2124 and A2133, have already been registered in the Euroasian Economic Commission.

It is widely expected that Apple will update the 9.7″ iPad in the first half of 2019. This is likely to have a larger display, 10.2″ display along with improve specifications. The iPad mini, which has not been updated since September 2015, is rumored to keep the same form factor but also get a specs improvement. Apple is thought to be keeping the mini the same to keep costs down and make it the most affordable iPad option. Think of it as the iPhone SE for iPads.

For the specs improvements, it is likely that the updated 9.7″ iPad will have this year’s A12 SoC while the updated mini could have last year’s A11. The later will largely depend on how many A11’s Apple has remaining. If supplies are low, it could get the A12.

As you would expect, Apple has remained mum on these new models. They also, as usual, will not confirm any rumors of these updated models. It is also unclear when these new models will launch but that is expected to happen early this year, potentially as early as late March.

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