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Multiple Mac Devices Updates and Registered With Eurasia Economic Commission

Ahead of the Apple Event that is happening next Tuesday, October 30, Apple has registered multiple updates and new Mac devices with the Eurasia Economic Commission (EEC).  The filings, which are required for Apple to sell devices in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia, are yet another sign of some of the updates and new devices that are expected at the event next week.

Multiple Mac Models were updated in the filing but at least four new model numbers were identified, indicating that new versions or new Macs are on their way.  Given the timing of this filing, it is all-but certain we will see these new devices next week.

The devices that were updates merely reflect that they now ship with MacOS Mojave but have the same model number.  From a Mac perspective however, it is expected that Apple will introduce a new MacBook 13″ model, an sorely needed update to the Mac mini, and an update to the iMac lineup.  We will also likely see an updated MacBook Air in the mix too.

The filing with the EEC did not cover any new iPad models but the iPad Pro and now a rumored update to the iPad mini are also expected at the event.  In the case of the iPad Pro, it is expected to adopt the near bezel-less design of the iPhone XS which means the Home button will also go away.  We will also like get Face ID and rumors persist that it will be moving to USB-C for charging.  Meanwhile, the iPad mini could be updated for the first time in four years.

All of this adds up to an exciting event next week.

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