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My Verizon App Update Brings eSIM Enabling Support

Last Friday, Verizon began supporting the eSIM that is in the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.  This followed AT&T who had enabled the functionality the day before after the release of iOS 12.1.1.  Today, the national carrier has updated their My Verizon app to allow anyone to sign up for a second number for their iPhone without having to visit a retail location.

The app, which can be found in the App Store, now supports the ability for a customer to sign up for a second number and assign that to their eSIM in their iPhone.  As a reminder, the current iPhone lineup has one physical SIM and a built-in electronic SIM, or eSIM.  

As for the app itself, anyone can download it to their iPhone, even if you are not a Verizon customer.  Indeed, if you are a customer of theirs, you won’t be able to add a number to the eSIM.  It is designed for customers of another carrier to purchase a second line on their device.  

A number of carriers globally have begun supporting the eSIM in the current iPhone lineup including Rodgers in Canada, EE in the United Kingdom, and Deutsche Telekom in Germany.  You can find the full list of carriers globally that are supporting it on this Apple Support page.

One carrier here in the US that is absent from that list is T-Mobile.  They will have support out by the end of this year.  The expectation is that they will also use an app to for signing up and enabling the eSIM in your iPhone.

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