National Park Challenge Achievement Award

National Parks Achievement Goes Live in Activity for September 1st Challenge

Earlier this week I told you about the upcoming National Parks Challenge that is coming up on Saturday, September 1st.  The achievement is aimed at helping celebrate the Redwood National Park’s 50th anniversary and is earned by exercising at least 50 minutes on the day.  This morning, the Apple Activity app had a push update that now shows that achievement.

To earn the achievement, you need to walk, run, or wheelchair workout for at least 50 minutes on September 1st.  This can be done either through the Apple Activity app itself or through another app that adds workouts to Apple Health on your iPhone or using your Apple Watch.

The achievement is part of a larger initiative that Apple has going on in conjunction with Apple Pay now through August 31st.  For every purchase made at an Apple Store or the Apple Store online, the Cupertino company is donating $1 to the National Parks Foundation to help fund the park services.

National Park Challenge Achievement Award

National Park Challenge Achievement Award

If you have been thinking about picking up something from your local Apple Store or online, be sure to use Apple Pay today and tomorrow to help support the foundation.  While $1 may not seem like a lot, especially if you buy a new iPhone or iPad, given the number of Apple Pay users, it will be a sum that adds up quickly.

And get out there on Saturday to earn this unique achievement!


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