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Netflix Brings Smart Downloads Feature to iOS in Latest Update

After launching on Android last year, Netflix has finally brought its Smart Downloads feature to iOS. The feature, which automatically downloads the next episode of a TV series to your iPhone or iPad, is available in the latest version of the Netflix app.

Smart Downloads is aimed at giving you uninterrupted binging. When the feature is enabled, the next episode of a TV series you are watching will automatically be downloaded to your device. The feature also deletes completed episodes so you aren’t taking up a lot of space on your device. Further, it only works when you are connected to WiFi so you won’t eat up your data plan with it enabled.

To enable Smart Downloads, open up the Netflix app and navigate to the More menu and then App Settings. There you will see the toggle to enable the feature under the Downloads section.

Smart Downloads in Nextflix for iPhone
Smart Downloads in Nextflix for iPhone

To be clear, the feature only works on television series and not on movies.

The streaming content company announced the Smart Downloads feature last year and in late summer, it rolled out to the Android version of their app. It is a handy feature to make sure you have the latest episode downloaded to your device.

If you are not a subscriber, you can join Netflix at their site. Packages range from $8.99 to $15.99 per month.

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