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Netflix Rolls Out Ability to Share Movies & TV Shows via Instagram Stories

Netflix has rolled out a new share feature today in their app. You now have the ability to share movies and television shows with others via Instagram Stories. This adds to what was already a pretty impressive list of other apps and services you could share to in the streaming app.

How the feature works is pretty simple. Go to a television show or movie in the Netflix app then tap the info icon. This will bring you to the detailed information about that particular show or movie. Now tap the Share icon and you will get the share page which includes not only Instagram Stories, but other services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Messages.

Netflix Sharing Sheet

Now to be very clear, you are not actually sharing the movie or television show when you post it to your Instagram Stories. Rather, you are linking to it essentially to let your followers know what you think of it and to share some thoughts. They will still have to have their own Netflix account to be able to view the content.

Integrations to Netflix Stories are not new either. They social network began allowing 3rd party integrations in May of last year. Currently you can do a similar sharing with Spotify and SoundCloud to your Stories from those apps.

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