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No, Apple Does Not Randomly Delete Your Purchased Movies

Over the course of last week, a Tweet went viral claiming that Apple had deleted movies from a users account.  The Tweet was from Anders G da Silva and understandably expressed frustration that three movies had disappeared from there account.

It seems that the crux of the issue is that da Silva purchased the movies in one country’s App Store then tried to download them again from another App Store and they couldn’t.  The reality is, Apple Support didn’t quite make it clear why it had happened and that added to the confusion.

Different country-level App Stores have different versions of movies or TV shows and, in some case, apps that are not available in other regions.  Apple, in the case of the movies in question (Cars, Cars 2, and The Grand Budapest Hotel) there are different versions for different regions.  That is is why da Silva is unable to download in the Canadian App Store what was purchased in the Australian App Store.

To be fair, it is an understandable mistake and one that caused a lot of concern/confusion in the Interwebs last week.  The moral of the story is, if you are going to be changing country App Stores, make sure you have downloaded all of your content to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to make sure you have them with you.  In some cases, you may not be able to re-download them in your new App Store.

And the bottom line:  No, Apple doesn’t just delete purchased content from your account.

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