iOS 12 Adoption - September 25 2018

One Week After Launch iOS 12 Approaching 20% Adoption Rate

While all the news over the past 24 hours has been about the release of MacOS Mojave, iOS 12 has been continuing its slow but steady pace of being adopted by iPhone and iPad users.  According to Mixpanel, version 12 is now on 19.45% of all iPhones and iPads out there since it was released last week.

The pace of adoption of version 12 is certainly slower than iOS 11 which, at the same point, was at 26.05% one week after it was released last year.  The general consensus is that the slower adoption is due to people being cautious after the teething problems that many encountered with iOS 11 and don’t want a repeat of that this year.

That said, there have been far fewer issues reported with this year’s update.  Apple was very clear that version 12 was all about improvements and stability and that work seems to have paid off for them.

iOS 12 Adoption - September 25 2018

iOS 12.0Adoption – September 25 2018

It will likely be after the release of iOS 12.1, which is already in beta, when we will see a significant jump in adoption rate as people will want the “bug fix” release before moving over to it.  With iOS 12.1, we will also be getting Group FaceTime which is a feature many people are wanting to see.

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