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OneDrive On-Demand Files for Mac Now Available in Preview

Microsoft OneDrive has announced that the on-demand file feature that is in Windows 10 has made its way to MacOS as part of the cloud storage’s app preview program.  You can go to the OneDrive preview page for the feature and sign up, but you have to have MacOS Mojave to get going.  That, thankfully, will be happening today.

On-Demand files for the cloud storage service essentially is a placeholder for the file on your Mac.  Today when you sync your OneDrive account with your Mac, it downloads all your files to your laptop, consuming in some cases a large amount of storage.  With on-demand, you only download the files you want, keeping them in the cloud until you need them.  You can also set it up where specific folders in your OneDrive account are always downloaded to your MacBook.

The concept is very similar to how OneDrive for iOS works today, giving you a placeholder for a file but not actually downloading it to your iPhone or iPad until you select it.

The feature has been in the Windows 10 version of OneDrive for several months, much to the praise of Windows users who lost the feature when Windows 10 initially rolled out several years ago.  For their part, Microsoft is in the process of bringing the entire Office 365 code base into a common code base for Mac and Windows.  That means feature parity between the two platforms will continue to happen with on-demand files being one of the early fruits of the efforts.

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