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Palo Alto Apple Store Robbed Twice in Less Than 12 Hours

The rash of Apple Store grab-and-run robberies has continued with the Palo Alto, California location struck twice in less than 12 hours.  According to Palo Alto Online, the Apple Store was first robbed at 7:00 pm last Saturday evening by eight males.  Then, at 5:50 am on Sunday morning, a caller informed Palo Alto police that the first glass doors of the store had been smashed.   In all, it is estimated that the thieves got away with over $100,000 in Apple gear.

The robberies are just the latest in a string that has impacted Apple Stores in California.  The general mode of these robberies has been a group of 6-10 people come into the store and grab as much as they can in less than a minute and dash out of the store, often escaping in multiple cars.

The good news is, that at one recent robbery at the Santa Rosa Plaza shopping center Apple Store, one of the robbers was captured and arrested which has led to further arrests.  It is unclear if it is the same group who have been responsible for all of these robberies.

For their part, Apple devices that are on the floor at your local Apple Store have a special software load that essentially makes them quit working if they are stolen.

Apple Stores as a whole are very open with no security guards to be seen anywhere.  This is what Apple wants in that they want to develop that community feel in their stores.  These recent robberies however could put an end to that at some high risk stores.

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