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Philips Announces Support for Siri Shortcuts Coming to The Hue App

At IFA 2018, currently going on in Berlin, Germany, Philips has announced that the Hue app for iOS will soon support Siri Shortcuts, a feature that is rolling out with iOS 12 next month.  With the integration, Hue users will be able to their Siri shortcuts for Hue specific lighting settings.

With this integration, it means that users of the IoT lighting solution will not have to use the Apple Home app to control their lighting.  Instead, they can use the Hue app to set moods for light settings right from within the Hue app using Siri.

With Siri shortcuts, the Hue app will also be able to interact with other apps that are Apple HomeKit enabled.  The example that Hue used at IFA for the announcement was a “dinner time” mode where the lighting is adjusted to a “Savannah Sunrise” mode and, with other interactions, could set your iPhone to Do Not Disturb, and play a playlist from Apple Music.

Siri Shortcuts is currently in beta and will launch with iOS 12 next month at the September 12 Apple event at the Apple campus in Cupertino.  While Philips has made the announcement of support for them, it is expect that other IoT providers who support Apple HomeKit will be making similar announcements and improvements to their apps shortly before or after iOS 12 lands on your iPhone and iPad.

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