Battery Widget in iOS 12

Pro Tip – Check Your Apple AirPods Battery Level With The Battery Widget

One of the challenges with Apple AirPods is knowing just how much battery life you have left in them. Sure you can open up the case and see the pop-up on your iPhone’s display, but that may not always be handy. Fortunately there is a quick and easy way to do this via the Battery widget in iOS 12.

If you have your Apple AirPods connected to your iPhone (or iPad), you can see their remaining battery life along with your iPhone itself on this widget. By default, it only shows you the battery remaining on your iPhone. But if you have your AirPods connected to it, you will also see them in the listing. You will also see your Apple Watch if it is connected too. See the shot below.

Battery Widget in iOS 12
Battery Widget in iOS 12

If you haven’t enabled the Battery widget or aren’t sure how, it is pretty easy. Just swipe right on your iPhone’s home screen to see the widgets panel. Swipe down to the bottom until you see the edit button. This will bring up sheet where you can select the widgets you want to add. Keep in mind that a lot of apps allow for you to add widgets so you can quickly access information or the app itself from it. Go down the list and find Battery and then use the handle on the right of it to move it up or down your list of widgets. Once you have it in place, tap Done in the upper-right corner. Now you will see the widget on your screen.

Widgets, like other parts of iOS, are not something that Apple tends to highlight but the can be very handy once you start using them.

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