Mimestream for MacOS

Quick Look – Mimestream MacOS App for Gmail

Users of Gmail on MacOS have basically had two options. The first is to open up Safari or Chrome and use the web-based Gmail to manage their mail. The advantage of this was that you could take full advantage of all of Gmails features such as priority mailboxes, labels and other features. The disadvantage of course was that you had to be online and in your browser. The second option was to add your Gmail account to the Mac Mail app which would get you your mail but you would lose a lot of the features that makes Gmail so powerful. It is this choice of the lesser of two evils that Mimestream is trying to solve.

Mimestream is an all-new email app for macOS Catalina and higher that focuses specifically on Gmail, bringing all the powerful features of the email service in a native and beautiful app. In fact, when you look at Mimestream, it looks stunningly like the Mac Mail app built into MacOS.

Mimestream for MacOS
Mimestream for MacOS

There is a reason for that look and feel. Neil Jhaveri is the developer behind the app and he spent over seven years at Apple working on, you guessed it, the Mac Mail app. Jhaveri took those learnings and developed Mimestream in Swift to natively handle Gmail and provide all the features of the service.

Those features supported include Categorized Mailboxes and Labels but you also get some significant advantages of this being a native app such as offline access to your Gmail account, support for multiple accounts, notifications, and even familiar Gmail keyboard shortcuts. Future updates will include vacation responses and quick unsubscribe to unwanted email lists.

The way that Mimestream is built is exceptionally secure. The app directly connects to the Gmail service, meaning there is no middleware server in the mix. That means you don’t have to worry about your credentials being stolen and everything is stored on your device, not in a server somewhere.

Your data and credentials are stored only on your device, and the app only makes direct connections to Gmail. There are no intermediary servers, and Mimestream does not collect or sell your email.

Mimestream for Gmail

I spent a fair amount of the weekend trying out the beta of Mimestream and I am impressed. If you are a Mac Mail user, the app feels fantastically natural. There really aren’t any new things to learn from a swiping or navigation perspective. But, and the whole point of the app, you get all the cool Gmail stuff like labels natively built in and a tap away.

Right now Mimestream is free as it is still in beta even though the beta feels amazingly complete. Eventually the app will be offered in the Mac App Store for a fee. The company has made it clear that privacy is a central pillar and they won’t be offering up advertising or selling email accounts, how many free apps monetize.

If you want to try out the beta of the app, you can do so directly from the Mimestream app site. At the time of this article, the beta was still open with the download of the app being available immediately after signing up.

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