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Red Rock Analytics Sues Apple Over Same Patent They Sued Samsung on in 2017

Apple is facing yet another patent lawsuit, this time brought on by Red Rock Analystics. The patent in question is US Patent 7,346,313. This patent has to do with wireless transmitters which the Massachusetts based Red Rock Analystics owns. The suit was filed in the popular patent court of the Eastern District Court of Texas.

The suit comes a day after a larger, 16 patent suit was filed against the Cupertino company.

The lawsuit claims that Apple has infringed on the patent through the 802.11n WiFi chips that are in a wide range of Apple Products.

On information and belief and pursuant to 35 U.S.C. § 271(a), Apple has directly infringed and continues to directly infringe numerous claims of the ’313 Patent, including at least claims 7, 12, 15, 16, 18, 21, 44, 49, 52, 53, 55, and 58 by its manufacture, use, sale, importation, and/or offer for sale of products (
, computers, cellular phones, tablets, watches) that include wireless transceivers that comply with the IEEE 802.11n “Wi-Fi” standard and/or that comply with later versions of IEEE 802.11 (
 802.11ac, 802.11ad, and/or 802.11ax) (the “Infringing Products”). Based on Apple’s public statements and third party analyses of Apple’s products, the Infringing Products include, for example, 802.11n and later wireless transceivers made by Broadcom Inc. On the basis of information and belief, the 802.11n and later wireless transceivers in the Infringing Products include a direct conversion transceiver with a transmit chain, a receive chain, a processor, and a calibration subsystem that performs I-Q gain imbalance calibration using a calibration RF signal, a signal path for injecting the calibration RF signal from the transmit RF signal port to the receive RF signal port, a processor for processing the baseband receive calibration RF signal to forms an observable indicator of I-Q imbalance, a channel gain adjuster, and a calibration cycle that determines transmitter and receiver I-Q gain settings according to the systems and methods claimed by the ’313 Patent.

The company is claiming that virtually every Apple device from the iPhone 4 and later is impacted and the company is seeking a jury trial and damages. This is the same patent in which the company sued Samsung in 2017 and it appears that this patent is a key one in their suits against tech companies.

You can read the full suit here.

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