Relive The Glory Days of System 7 & MacOS 8 on Your Current Mac Today

If you miss the glory days of Apple’s System 7 and MacOS 8 Operating System, today is most certainly a good day for you. Developer Mihai Parparita has announced that he has built a full-fledged, browser-based version of both of these class Apple OS’ for you to check out. As Parparita put in his Tweet announcing these to emulators, “They boot instantly, are filled with useful programs, allow data import, export and persistence, and try to bring the best of the web to retrocomputing.

Mihai Parparita’s Tweet

To check these two great and fun emulators out is easy. To check out System 7, go to in Safari. To check out MacOS 8, just got to in Safari. Both emulators are completely interactive with your touchpad so you can truly experience these classic Operating Systems quickly and easily. And keep in mind, they are web-based. There is nothing for you to install on your contemporary Mac have a bit of retro fun.

Apple System 7 Browser-Based Emulator
Apple System 7 Browser-Based Emulator

Even if you are too young to remember when these were the flagship Operating Systems for Macintosh computers, having a play with these emulators will give you a good understanding of the early days of computing. For those who are curious, System 7 was released on May 13, 1991 and MacOS 8 was released on July 26, 1997.

Enjoy! And a big, big thanks to Mihai!

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