Review of The Twelve South BookBook Cover for iPad Pro

When it comes to cases for your iPad Pro, there are a plethora of choices. Some are utilitarian like Apple’s own Smart Folio, while others are designed to offer rugged protection like Otterbox. But for many, these two extremes aren’t quite what you need in a cover. You may want something more stylish yet effective in providing protection for your iPad Pro while you are on-the-go traveling (because we are doing that again finally) or simply moving from one conference room to another at the office. That’s where the Twelve South BookBook Cover has you, erm, covered.

The BookBook Cover for iPad Pro brings the classic, leather-bound book look to your device that you likely are familiar with already. The BookBook for iPhone has been around for years (I bought my first one way back for my iPhone 4!) and now the Charleston, South Carolina based company has expanded that to iPads and even MacBooks. It looks amazing, providing a plush interior for your iPad Pro and also incorporating a slim pocket to hold papers or cables. It also doesn’t add a lot of weight or bulk to your iPad, making it easy to carry with you. And frankly, it just looks amazing. The leather exterior gives that book look that will draw attention when you are in the office, a coffee shop or, as I write this review, in a United Club in Dallas, Texas waiting for my flight.

Twelve South BookBook Cover for iPad & BookBook for iPhone 12 Pro Max
Twelve South BookBook Cover for iPad Pro & BookBook for iPhone 12 Pro Max

To be clear, this review will cover the BookBook Cover, the Twelve South designed case for the iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard. If you do not have the Apple Smart Keyboard, you will want to get the BookBook Case. Also, I’m reviewing the Cover designed for the 11″ iPad Pro.

Dimensions & Design

The BookBook Cover itself measures 10.75 by 8.25 by .75 inches (H x W x D) and weight 12 ounces for the Cover designed for the 11″ iPad Pro. For those who like new money, that is 27.3 by 20.95 by 1.9 centimeters with a weight of 340 grams. It is compatible with the following iPad devices:

  • iPad Pro 11-inch with Magic Keyboard
  • iPad Pro 11-inch with Smart Keyboard Folio
  • iPad Air (4th gen) with Smart Keyboard
  • iPad (8th gen) with Smart Keyboard
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch with Smart Keyboard

For those who are looking for the Cover that fits the 12.9″ iPad Pro, that Cover measures 12 by 9.75 by .875 inches and weighs 16 ounces (30.5 by 24.75 by 2.2 centimeters and a weight of 454 grams). It is designed to work with any generation of the 12.9″ iPad Pro.

Regardless of size, the overall design of the Cover remains the same. The interior, which is available in a cream or black color, is a soft micro-suede that provides soft and gentle protection for your iPad Pro. The exterior leather is constructed much like a hardback book but adds the feature of reinforced corners and a crush-proof spin. These are all designed to provide protection against drops & dings. The covers close around your iPad and has dual zippers. This is perfect for allowing you to charge your iPad Pro while it remains safely tucked into the BookBook Cover.

As a side note, Twelve South encourages those of you who have the white Smart Keyboard to purchase the Cover with the cream interior. This is to avoid any potential color transfer from the black micro-suede to your white keyboard.

In the interior of the Cover, you will find a small pocket that runs the length of the top cover. This is perfect for notes, or a USB-C cable to keep with you while you are on-the-go. Personally, I find this to be a perfect pocket to hold receipts while I’m traveling as I’m often on my iPad Pro while completing expense for business travel. And, by-the-way, you can also slip an AirTag in there if you wanted to to keep track of your case as well as your iPad Pro with Find My.

Internal Pocket & Micro-Suede Interior
Internal Pocket & Micro-Suede Interior

A question you may be considering: Can I keep my Apple Pencil connected to my iPad in the BookBook Cover? Yes, you can. The Cover is big enough to accommodate your device and pencil and still zip closed.

Make no mistake: The BookBook Cover does add some girth and weight your iPad Pro, but not egregiously. You know it is there but it isn’t a situation where it adds so much that it actually more in the way than helpful. Twelve South did a great job in my opinion making it just big enough but not overly so.

Real Life Functionality & Usability of The BookBook Cover

One of the beautiful aspects of the BookBook Cover is that it is there… but it is also not there. Let me explain. When you open up the Cover and open up your iPad Pro, you really just don’t notice it. It’s there, resting against your iPad Pro and sitting under the Smart Keyboard but it somewhat blends into the background and doesn’t interfere with your work on the device. Having used this Cover for several months now, I cannot recall a situation where I’ve had to physically remove my iPad from it to get stuff done. That, to me, is worth the price of admission.

Far too often, cases and other protection of your devices get in the way. That may be, in a worst case, impacting your ability to touch and type on your iPad and Smart Keyboard. But it can also be little things like having to move your iPad in a way that makes it easier to access one of the USB-C ports to charge your iPad. Or, worse, you have to take it out of the case to charge. None of these are situations I’ve encountered with this case. Ever. Like I said, it’s there… but it is not there.

Another important aspect of the Cover is its durability. Admittedly, I have been largely working from home these past two years with limited travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But that has not stopped me from working outside on my back deck on sunny days or sticking myself away in the corner at my favorite local coffee shop in my village. It really very little wear but now that I’m traveling more for business, that’ll be more of the test in the coming months. My expectation is that it will wear much like my BookBook for my iPhone 12 Pro Max. That is, it will start to show wear around the binding much like that of a leather-bound book that has been opened again and again. I also expect it to have some beautiful toning from being handled as I carry it around.

My commitment to you readers is that if the Cover doesn’t meet those expectations, I’ll update this review with details on where it failed – but I don’t expect to have to write those paragraphs.

My Recommendation is A Strong Yes!

Without any hesitation, if you are looking for stylish protection for your iPad Pro, I recommend the BookBook Cover. It is one of the best cases I’ve owned for protecting my device and for all the reasons I’ve outlined above, it should be on your short list for consideration.

For those of you who like 1-out-of-10 scales, I give it a 10.

For those who like 5-stars, I give it 5 very bright stars.

Pricing & Purchasing The BookBook Cover

The pricing of the Cover will depend on the size you need for your iPad Pro. For the 11″ and the other iPads I listed earlier in the review, it is $69.99 and you can chose either the cream or black interior. Again, if you have the white Smart Keyboard, Twelve South recommends getting the cream interior. If you have the 12.9″ iPad Pro, it is ten dollars more at $79.99. As part of the purchase, Twelve South provides you a 30-day money back guarantee, free shipping of your Cover, and a one year warranty against defects of failures. You can find it through a wide range of retailers

To get more details, check out the BookBook Cover page on the Twelve South site.

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