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Rumors Suggest a Standalone Podcasts and Apple TV App Coming to macOS 10.15

A new posting over at 9to5Mac outlines that in the upcoming release of macOS 10.15, expected later this year, Apple will be splitting out Podcasts from Apple Music and make it a standalone app. The post also suggests that the Apple TV app for Mac will be coming in that release as well. While no timelines are given for the release, macOS 10.15 will likely be available in September or October of this year.

The fact that Apple is going to be making Apple Podcasts a standalone app for Mac is not surprising. Apple, in many ways, tries to mirror what is on macOS and what is on iOS. The Podcast app on iOS has quietly become one of the better ones available on the platform and Apple will want to capitalize on that for Mac users. Further, and lets be honest here, podcasts in Apple Music sucks. Syncing is haphazard at best and performance is not stellar. A standalone app should help.

Th new Podcasts app along with the standalone Apple TV app, will certainly be written in Marzipan as Apple continues to push that project. Under the new tools that make up Marzipan, some of which are expected to be announced in June at WWDC, developers will eventually be able to submit a single binary for iPhone, iPad and Mac Apps. This would significantly cut down development time by eliminating the need for double-coding.

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