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Second Iteration of Apple AirPods Receives Bluetooth SIG Certification

Rumors have persisted for months that a second iteration of the popular Apple AirPods are in the works.  But, since there was no mention of them at either the September or October Apple Events, it seemed that perhaps the rumors were wrong.

Well, maybe not so fast.  Yesterday, a report on MySmartPrice stated that a new model of the AirPods had received certification from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).  The effectively gives the green light for this new model of AirPods to be released – from a Bluetooth perspective at least.

In the Bluetooth SIG filing, there are two model numbers mentioned as well as the name AirPods.  Those model numbers are A2031 and A2032.  The certification also shows that the next-gen AirPods will support Bluetooth 5.0.

When these new AirPods hit the market, they will also likely have some biometric or health related sensors in them too.  Apple has filed for patents related to this, learning many to believe that the next iteration of AirPods could serve as an additional source of health data, especially when competing in sports.  It is also suggested that the new models will have noise cancellation features too.

As for when we will see these new and improved AirPods, that’s the million dollar question.  Given that Apple has wrapped up two major events in the last two months, it is highly unlikely they will have a third this year, especially for just AirPods.  It is likely that Apple will simply announce them and make them available in early 2019 without much fanfare.

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