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Several Apple Products Spared From Upcoming China Trade Tariffs

After making it clear that proposed China trade tariffs would significantly impact key products, it looks like a Apple will be exempted from the new tariffs.  Bloomberg is reporting that a key category of the proposed tariffs is no longer on the list, which would spare the Apple Watch as well as other fitness trackers.  It would also exclude AirPods.

The government is expected to release as early as Monday the final list of as much as $200 billion of Chinese products that will be hit with a new 10 percent tariff, according to five people familiar with the matter. A product code that covers Apple Inc.’s Watch and AirPods — as well as similar smart watches, fitness trackers and other goods made by competitors including Fitbit Inc. — is not on the list, the two people said.

It is certainly good news for Apple and their customers.  Apple made it clear that if the tariffs were implemented, they would likely see a fall in profits and consumers would end up having to pay more for those products.

While the tariffs and the list of proposed imports that would be hit with it is still not finalized, it seems that a bullet has been dodged.  When the original list of proposed tariffs was released, it was frankly easier to list which Apple products were not on the list.  Virtually every product or a component of every product would have been impacted for the Cupertino company.



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