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Siri Shortcuts and Screen Time Set to Come to macOS

We are six weeks away from Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) and the rumor mill for both iOS and macOS are at full speed. Both iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 are expected to be announced at the event and the flow of leaks and rumors about the later have been piling up this week.

The center of all of these rumors is the continued push of iOS-based apps to macOS. We’ve already seen this in macOS Mojave with the Home, Stocks, and Apple News app porting over to the desktop. That looks to continue in 10.15 with Siri Shortcuts and Screen Time set to arrive. Once again, the team over at 9to5Mac are to thank for this great insight into what is coming.

First is Siri Shortcuts. According to the post from 9to5Mac, this is going to function exactly as it does on iOS today. That is, you can have Siri perform actions with a command. These can be multi-step actions too. As Shortcuts have taken off in iOS, more apps have added them to their arsenal of features such as ADP, American Airlines, MLB At Bat, Lose It!, and many more.

Apple Siri Shortcuts
Apple Siri Shortcuts

Sidebar: You can see which apps you have installed support Siri Shortcuts by going to Settings>Siri & Search>Shortcuts. There you will see all the apps and the available shortcuts for them.

The next big feature that is rumored to be coming to macOS 10.15 is Screen Time. As readers likely know, this feature allows you to monitor or limit access to various apps on your iPhone or iPad. It is a great way to cut back on the social media interactions so you can stay focused at work or on other tasks. It is expected that the way that Screen Time works in iOS today will be roughly the same way that it works in macOS. That is, you can see which apps you are spending your time in on your Mac and setup limits for them if you desire to do so.

As a final nice touch, it also looks like iMessage screen effects are coming to Mac. These effects include things like Balloons, Confetti, and Lasers which you can send to someone. The problem today is that those effects are only seen on iMessage on your iPad or iPhone. If you read a message with an effect on your Mac in macOS Mojave, it states “Sent with” and the effect’s name. That looks to be changing in macOS 10.15 where the iMessages app will show the effect just like it does on your iPhone. Not a mission critical feature but a nice touch for sure.

As with all the rumors around iOS 13 and macOS 10.15, it won’t be until early June until we know how many of them turn to fact or remain fiction. In the case of Siri Shortcuts and Screen Time, it isn’t a big stretch for them to make it to the desktop. Apple is working hard on getting apps and features across both platforms, thanks in large part to Marzipan. This should also help other developers create cross-platform apps with one binary once Marzipan is fully rolled out. This alone could lead to some of the most exciting developing in macOS in years.

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