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Site News – Significantly Improved Infrastructure

If you are a regular to, you probably have noticed that there has been no site news or updates for the last week or so. That’s been on purpose as there has been a lot of backend updates to improve the overall performance of the site. This should make loading times improve significantly for you.

A bit of the back story: When I started the site, I had it on a shared server plan with my hosting company. That worked fine for the first seven months the site was up. But starting in February, I began running into significant resource limitations. Simply put, the traffic to the site generated way more than my shared plan could handle. That meant that an upgrade was in order.

Last week, the site moved to a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Effectively, this means that I have dedicated CPU cores, RAM and storage for the site. It isn’t shared with anyone else. This means that you reader should see improvements in loading times and general performance.

So for you who continue to visit, thank you. While moving to a VPS is more expensive, it gives me confidence that on big news days that you will not get a resource error or loading errors on the site. For me, that’s important. I will ask, if you see an advert that interests you, give it a click. That helps me offset the costs. 🙂

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