Dark Mode in Slack

Slack Rolls Out Dark Mode Option in Latest App Update

Slack is the latest developer to roll out a Dark Mode in their iOS apps. The feature, which is manually controlled in Settings, allows you to have a dark UI which can make it easier to read for some. Other apps such as Twitter have offered a dark UI for some time. It is also expected that Apple will introduce a native Dark Mode in iOS 13, much like it did with macOS Mojave on the desktop.

To enable the new Dark Mode feature in Slack, go to your Profile by tapping the overflow menu (3 vertical dots in the upper-right corner) and then go to Settings. There you will find the option to enable Dark Mode with a toggle.

Dark Mode in Slack
Dark Mode in Slack

The feature is either on or off. It does not dynamically change with the time of day for example. Ultimately how useful this is largely depends on how you the end user. Some people love Dark Mode (Clinton raises his hand) while others detest it. Anyway, at least with Slack you now have another app with the option to go dark if you want to do it.

The update that brings Dark Mode is out in the App Store and should be available to download on your iPhone or iPad now, or may already be applied if you have Automatic Updates enabled. For those of you on Android, you have the feature as well while the desktop clients will have the mode “soon”.

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