Sleep Cycle for iPhone

Sleep Cycle Update Brings Improved Battery Life

The popular sleep tracking app Sleep Cycle has a new update that has rolled out, bringing significant battery performance improvements to your Apple Watch when you use it to track your sleep. The update from the developer Northcube is available in the App Store now.

Sleep Cycle, for those that haven’t used it before, is an app that you can use your iPhone or your Apple Watch to track your sleep. It gives you trends, how much you have snored during your sleep time, and how restful your sleep was for that particular night. You can also flag things such as if you ate late or drank alcohol as you prepare to sleep to see trends on if certain activities improve or negatively impact your sleep. I reviewed the app last year to give you the full scope of what the app can do for you.

Sleep Cycle for iPhone
Sleep Cycle for iPhone

While the battery impact on my Apple Watch in the previous version of Sleep Cycle wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t great either. I generally would go to bed with about 60% battery remaining on my Watch and would wake up with less than 20%. This morning, the first day with this update, I was still at 40% battery remaining on my Apple Watch. That is a huge jump and for many, will make this app viable for sleep tracking after using your Watch all day.

The app itself is free and you can download it in the App Store. A yearly subscription to the app which allows you to backup your data and get more tend data is $29.99 or you can pay $9.99 per month.

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