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Social Networking App Path Calls Time – Shutting Down Next Month

After launching over five years ago, a lifetime in the app world, the social networking app Path is calling it a day.  Notifications to subscribers and users of the app were sent out yesterday with the app being fully shut down in mid-October.

Path was a unique take on social networking, allowing you to string together music, photos, check-ins, and other meta content into a “path” throughout your day.  It was great because you essentially had a rich timeline of your activities for any given day.

In the email sent out to customers, Path provided a clear timeline on how the wind down of the service will take place.

– 9.17.2018 : Notice on service discontinuation

– 10.1.2018: Unable to download/update the app in iTunes and Google Play

– 10.18.2018: Termination of the Service (Unable to access the service)

– 11.15.2018: All app related customer service will be closed

The company has setup a page that outlines step-by-step on how to retrieve your data from the service.  After October 18, 2018 you will not be able to access this data and it will be deleted so if you want it, you need to get it done prior to that date.

While it is a shame to see Path go away, it was a great app and service.  Hopefully we will see something like it again.

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