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Some Apple Watch Series 4 Crashing or Rebooting Due to Daylight Savings Bug

Multiple reports have surfaced of owners of the new Apple Watch Series 4 having crashing and rebooting issues after Daylight Savings began in both in Australia and New Zealand over the weekend.  The issue, while not impacting everyone and, according to the team over at 9to5 Mac, appears to only impact those who had the large Activity complication active on the Infograph modular face.

Daylight Savings began in Australia and New Zealand at 2:00 am on Sunday (local time) which moved everyone’s watch time up by an hour.  This appears to have caused an issue with the Activity complication and forced the Series 4 watch to go into an endless reboot loop.  This, in turn, drained the battery until the watch would completely shutdown.

The problem is that the Apple Watch, not just the Series 4, requires to be turned on in order for the wireless charging for the watch to work.  That means, in these cases were batteries were completely run down, the watch won’t charge either.

The quick-and-dirty work around for now, for those who have not lost all battery power, is to change the watch face from the Infograph modular face to something else which appears to solve the issue until Apple can get a patch out.  If your Apple Watch is turned off, put it on the charger then try to power it up.

For their part, Apple has not acknowledged the bug yet nor provided a specific way to get around the issue.  It does appear that once you get past the issue, you can return to the Infograph Modular face today given that Daylight Savings is now in effect in the two countries.

This is not the first time that Apple has had issues related to Daylight Savings on their devices but it is the first one on the Apple Watch.

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