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Spotify Starting to Require Address Confirmation for Family Plan Accounts

Spotify is getting serious about confirming the addresses of Family plan accounts with the music streaming service.  The Family plan is $15 a month for six family members to have ad-free streaming accounts.  According to the Terms of Service, all members of a family account must be at the same address.  This, of course, gets abused either by people not knowing the TOCs or blatantly ignoring them.

That’s where the campaign by Spotify is coming into play.  The company is sending out emails to members of Family plans, independent of each other, to confirm their physical addresses.  If they fail to confirm those addresses, the could lose access to their account.

It may seem draconian but the rules of the Family plan are not new and certainly the lower overall price point of the these plans impact profits fro Spotify.  They have to cut down on abuse as much as possible.

Spotify on iPhone

Spotify on iPhone

If you are on a Family plan and you get the email asking for physical address confirmation, don’t ignore it.  You could end up getting cut off from your account until you do that verification process if you ignore it too long.


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