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Sprint Sues AT&T Over Misleading Consumers With 5Ge Icon

Sprint has filed a suit in federal court against AT&T, claiming their 5Ge icon that is showing up on iPhones and Android devices is misleading. In the suit, Sprint used survey data to suggest that consumers believe that AT&T’s 5Ge icon makes their network the same as or better than true 5G. Further survey data presented suggests that over 40% of consumers believe if they buy a phone from AT&T today, it will be 5G compatible.

As previously discussed, 5Ge does not represent a 5G network from the nations largest carrier. Indeed it is enhanced 4G LTE connectivity. AT&T began rolling out the 5Ge icon to Android devices last month and with the second beta of iOS 12.2, it began showing up on iPhones and iPad. Apple has not firmly indicated when a true 5G iPhone will be available but most analysts expect it to be at least 2020. That will give carriers like Sprint and AT&T time to build out their true 5G networks.

For their part, Sprint is working hard on building out their 5G network and when it is launched, it will be true 5G technology. AT&T is working on theirs as well. AT&T has indicated that the 5Ge icon is simply to let people know that 5G coverage will be available in their area when it is rolled out.

If you are interested in reading the full legal suit, you can do so below.

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