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Student Sues Apple After False Arrest for Apple Store Thefts

Apple is facing a new lawsuit, this time brought on by a New York student. The lawsuit, according to Bloomberg, has been filed by 18-year old Ousmane Bah. In the suit, he claims that Apple’s facial recognition in its Apple Stores falsely identified him as the person responsible for a string of thefts at retail locations. This led to his arrest back in November 2018.

Yesterday, Bah filed a suit against Apple for $1 billion, claiming that the company’s facial recognition failure caused him undue stress and hardship. In the suit, photos of him were presented from the Apple facial recognition system and they reportedly do not resemble Bah. Further, Bah claims that he was at his senior prom in Manhattan when one of the thefts he is linked to happened in Boston.

For their part, Apple has not responded to the suit publicly nor has Security Industry Specialists Inc who are also named in the suit.

Apple uses a variety of security mechanisms to keep in-store theft down as much as possible. This includes facial recognition software. If, for example, you decide to steal something from an Apple Store, you would be identified and that information shared with all Apple Store locations. If you go back into an Apple Store, it alerts the security team there.

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