Revive Your Old Mac Hardware With Google ChromeOS Flex

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Earlier this year, Google announced ChromeOS Flex, a version of ChromeOS that could be used on older Mac hardware to give it a second life. Now Google has released it to the general public, with well documented install guides to help you get it on that old MacBook you have stuck on a shelf somewhere in your office. ChromeOS Flex is built on the same code as ChromeOS for Chromebooks, so it has the same …

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Google Maps Update Brings Improved Navigation & Estimated Tolls En Route

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Google has rolled out a significant new update for Google Maps for iOS. The update brings a slew of new features and improvements. The update is in the App Store now to update the app if you have it installed or to download to your iPhone. Perhaps the biggest change in this update is the new estimated toll costs on your journey. According to the Google Blog post announcing the update, Soon, you’ll see the …

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