Google Maps Update Brings Improved Navigation & Estimated Tolls En Route

Google Maps Banner

Google has rolled out a significant new update for Google Maps for iOS. The update brings a slew of new features and improvements. The update is in the App Store now to update the app if you have it installed or to download to your iPhone. Perhaps the biggest change in this update is the new estimated toll costs on your journey. According to the Google Blog post announcing the update, Soon, you’ll see the …

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Can’t Find an App Installed on Your iPhone? Siri Search Will Show You Where It’s Located

Siri Banner Image

If you are like me, you have dozens of apps installed on your iPhone and iPad. Most of the time I can remember which folder on my device I put the app, but if it is an app I don’t use as often, I forget which folder I have it installed. For me, and I suspect others, I have dozens of folders on my Home Screen on both devices. Fortunately, Siri Search can help not …

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Hulu Brings SharePlay Support in Latest Update

Hulu on iPad Pro

Hulu has released an update to both its iPhone and iPad apps that brings support for Apple’s SharePlay. It is the latest streaming service app to support the feature. For those who don’t recall, SharePlay allows you to watch the same content with friends and family over FaceTime. You can binge those shows together even if you are on opposite ends of town or the country. In this release, we are helping spread the Hulu …

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Classic iOS Wallpapers – iPhone OS 1 (and 2)

iPhone OS 1 Default Wallpaper - Large

In the first of a series of articles, today I will be discussing the version of iOS that started it all: iPhone OS 1. That version, which was on the first iPhone launched in 2007, had an iconic default wallpaper that over the years remains one of the most loved by Apple. Like the iPhone itself, the default wallpaper was a fresh take on an old idea: Making your handheld device more person. Apple announced …

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Did iOS 15.4.1 Fix Your iPhone Battery Life Issues?

When Apple released iOS 15.4.1 last week to the general public, the headline fix in the “dot” update was an improvement in battery life for iPhones. It was clearly called out in the release notes and many who had updated to iOS 15.4 were pleased at the news. But that seems to be aging and fast as some users are now suggesting that the update has made battery life worse than it was in the …

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