ioS 12 Adoption After 10 Weeks- Mixpanel

Ten Weeks After Launch, iOS 12 on Nearly 75% of Devices According to Mixpanel

Ten weeks after it was released to the public, iOS 12 is now on 74.77% of all eligible devices.  The information comes from the research firm Mixpanel who keeps tabs on a wide range of adoption information for both iOS and Android.

Currently, with iOS 12 sitting on 74.77%, iOS 11 is on 19.75%.  As you would expect, the version 11 install base has shrunk dramatically over the past 10 weeks as users either update their current iPhones and iPads, or replace them with devices running version 12.

The more interesting figures are the rate of adoption of the current version of iOS versus those of previous iOS versions.  Going all the way back to iOS 9 for comparison, iOS 12 is well ahead of the adoption curve.

At the ten week mark, iOS 11 had a 72.65% install base according to Mixpanel, 2.12% less than the current version.  iOS 10 was a 72.88% (1.89% less) while iOS 9 was only on 16.60% of devices after 10 weeks.  This evidence answers the concern of if version 12 was being adopted at a slower rate than previous versions.  Clearly, it is not.

ioS 12 Adoption After 10 Weeks- Mixpanel

ioS 12 Adoption After 10 Weeks- Mixpanel

For their part, Apple has only indicated that the latest version of iOS 12 is on 60% of eligible devices.  That report, which is on the App Developer site, hasn’t been updated since October 24, 2018.  Mixpanel updates their reports daily and while they don’t have the direct access like Apple does, the research firm tends to be deadly accurate on their percentages overall.



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