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The Apple One Bundle Offers Subscribers Real Savings

At yesterday’s Fall 2020 Apple Event, Apple announced a new bundle package for their services, Apple One. The bundled services bring multiple different Apple services in one, easy-to-digest price per month. But equally as important to the convenience of having just one charge for everything, there is actual real cost savings to be had each month for Apple customers.

First, let’s break down the bundles. Apple is offering three different levels and three different price points

Individual at $14.95 per month. That includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud Storage.

Family at $19.95 per month and it can be shared with six family members. It includes everything in the Individual plan but bumps up iCloud Storage to 200GB per user

Premier at $29.95 per month and it too can be shared with six family members. It includes everything in the Individual and Family plans plus Apple News+, Apple Fitness+ an 2TB of iCloud storage per user

Digging down into these tiers a bit further and doing some basic maths, you figure out that Apple One is a pretty good deal. For individual subscribers, you will roughly save $6 per month if you compare that to purchasing the bundled services separately. For the Family plan, that savings goes up to $8 per month and on the Premier plan, the savings is a whopping $25 per month.

When Apple One launches this Fall, it will be interesting to see the take on the various bundles. I for one will certainly be moving to Apple One, likely the Premier bundle, as I basically subscribe to all of the services already including the 2TB iCloud storage. For me, it will translate to huge savings. What about you?

Apple One Bundle Tier Pricing
Apple One Bundle Tier Pricing

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