Apple Store on Amazon

The Apple Store on Amazon is Now Live

After being announced last week, the new Apple Store storefront on Amazon has gone live.  You can find it here and you can now place orders for your Mac, Apple Watch, and iPad Pro directly from the online retailer.

After years of a less-than-great relationship, Apple and Amazon came to an agreement earlier this month for some Apple products to be sold on the site.  It means that those who prefer to shop at Amazon can still get Apple products at competitive prices.

In effect, the agreement between the two giant companies will put an end to third-party sellers of Apple products.  This in some ways is good in that price points varied wildly across Amazon for Apple products and, in some case, there were some less-than-honest sellers.  With the Apple Store now on Amazon, that should help curb some of that.  Indeed, third party sellers will have their listings removed come January 4, 2019.

Apple Store on Amazon

Apple Store on Amazon

The deal impacts Amazon sites in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, and India.

One glaring omission is the HomePod.  Amazon has no intent of allowing the smart speaker to be sold on their site as it is a direct competitor to their Echo lineup.  That said, they don’t allow the Google Home device to be sold either.  They are being consistent.

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