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The European Union Approves Microsoft’s Acquisition of GitHub

In what is one of the last major hurdles to be cleared, Microsoft has won approval from the European Union for their purchase of GitHub.  The European Union Commission on anti-trust gave an unconditional approval of the $7.5 billion acquisition, stating that Microsoft will still face significant competition in the space after the merger.

The acquisition of GitHub was announced earlier this year from the Redmond, Washington tech giant and at the time, indicated that GitHub would retain its developer first ethos.

The commission indicated that if developers did not like Microsoft’s take over of GitHub, that they had other options and were not dependent solely on the developer code repository.

With the EU now satisfied, there are very few things left for this merger to be completed from a regulatory perspective.  It is now more of an internal process which is standard for any large acquisition by a company.

You can read the press release from the EU Commission here.

Microsoft has committed to keeping the developer repository free and open, not wanting to have developers move to competing product.  While it is still yet to be see what Microsoft will do with the service, they have also committed to improving overall performance.

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