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The Unicorn That is Apple AirPower May Finally be Here

It appears that the wait for the Apple AirPower wireless charing pad may be over. Code found in the sixth beta of iOS 12.2 points to code changes to help identify multiple devices on a single charging mat. The code is new and was discovered by 9to5Mac‘s Guilherme Rambo.

Looking into what is in the update, we noticed it brings significant changes to the component responsible for wireless charging, including the code responsible for identifying that two devices are charging on the same mat.

Guilherme Rambo

If this code is in the final build, it is the strongest indicator yet that Apple AirPower is near. It has been a two year wait for the wireless charging mat, having been introduced at the launch of the iPhone 8 lineup and iPhone X. Apple reportedly had significant heating and charging issues with the original design and rumors have suggested the Cupertino company went back to the drawing board on the design. It seems reasonable given the time involved.

Further, it also means that iOS 12.2 is going to be required for AirPower to work. That release in all likelihood will happen next week at the Apple Event where their new video and news subscription services are expected to be announced.

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