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TikTok Ban in India Lifted

After hearing an appeal from the app’s creator, the Indian government has lifted the ban on the popular social video app TikTok in the country. Bytedance made their appeal in court in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, stating that the company had lost some $500,000 in revenue during the ban and that hundreds of jobs could potentially be impacted by it. The state reversed their earlier decision upon hearing this and will allow TikTok to be downloaded in the country from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The ban originally came because the courts heard from The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, or MeitY, on the app. MeitY felt the app allowed access to pornographic material to minors and could be a source for predators to use against children. The country asked Apple and Google to remove the app which they did in compliance with the courts decision.

For now, the app remains missing in the India App Store. It will be reinstated once the government gets the official report from the courts. They will then ask Apple and Google to reinstate the app in their respective stores.

TikTok is a hugely popular app in India, having been downloaded over 280 million times.

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