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Tile Announces Support for Siri Shortcuts is Available Today

Tile, the company who makes trackers that you can attached to your keys, wallets, or luggage, has announced that starting today, they will support Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12.  The announcement came as a bit of a surprise and could be a strong indicator that iOS 12 could well be released today.

Tile, the leading smart location company, is releasing the much anticipated Siri Shortcuts integration on 9/12. First previewed at WWDC, Tile users can now ask Siri to ring their Tiled items.

To set up, iPhone users will simply open the Tile app and tap on the Tile they would like to add a shortcut for. Once a Tile is selected, users will tap on “Siri” from the options screen. Users will then be prompted to record a command, such as, “Find my keys.” After recording, users can issue that command to Siri.

Tile was part of the demonstration of Siri Shortcuts back at WWDC in June so it was widely expected they would be one of the first developers out of the gates for support for the new feature.

Siri Shortcuts will allow you to get things done with Siri faster by allowing you to create your own commands and string those commands together.

Tile makes a wide range of trackers for your items and all of them will support Siri Shortcuts through the free Tile app in the App Store.

Tile Style - Gold

Tile Style – Gold

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