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Tim Cook Commits Apple to Donations for California Wildfires

In a Tweet last Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook has indicated that the Cupertino-based company will make a donation to help with the California wildfires.  It is the latest example of how Apple has tried to be a good neighbor and friend to communities in need.

In the Tweet, Tim Cook says, “Praying for the safety of our neighbors, loved ones and all those affected by the rapidly spreading fires in California. We’re grateful to the firefighters and first responders working to keep everyone safe. Apple is donating to relief efforts for Northern & Southern California.

It is not clear who will be receiving the donation nor the amount to which Apple has committed in their efforts.

In California, there are three major fires impacting the state.  The Camp Fire, named for a local river area, is burning north of Sacramento.  It has all-but destroyed the entire town of Paradise, California.  To the south, there are the Hill and Woolsey Fires.  These fires are burning parts of Ventura and Los Angeles counties.

As of this morning, 31 people have been confirmed killed by these fires with another 200 unaccounted for at this time.

The decision to donate to relief efforts in major disasters is nothing new for Apple.  In October, Tim Cook once again Tweeted that the company would be helping with relief efforts after Hurricane Michael.  Like the California wildfires, Mr. Cook did not indicate an amount that would be donated but it is likely at least $1 million.  This tends to be the starting point for Apple donations for disaster relief.

If you would like to make a donation, you can go to the American Red Cross site and make one.  It is easy and you can make it for any amount you wish.  Further, you can set it up as a one-time or make a monthly donation to the organization.

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