Watruer Airpods Case

Today’s Deal – Watruer Silicone AirPods Case Starting at $7.99 on Amazon

Today’s Deal is on a great little accessory for all you Apple AirPods owners out there.  Over at Amazon, the Watruer ultra-thin soft silicone protective covers for your AirPods case are down as low as $7.99 over at Amazon.  The case comes in ten different colors to fit your look & style with only the red and white cases coming in a little higher cost of $9.99.

The case is a two part case with the top part, fitting on the lid of your AirPods case, slipping over the top while the bottom part you slide your case into it.  It forms a protective shell around your case but doesn’t get in the way of opening the case when you need to get your AirPods out.

The Watruer case brings a soft and smooth touch to your case and makes it stand out from the crowd.  Also, given I love having RED accessories for my iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, this little case is pretty close to the same color (although not a RED product) so it looks the part for me.

My Watruer AirPods Case

My Watruer AirPods Case

I’ve had my Watruer case for my AirPods for a couple of weeks now and just love it.  I find it makes holding on to the case a bit easier and it provides a little bit of shock absorption should I drop my charging case.

If you want to check them out, head over to the product page over at Amazon (Affiliate Link)

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