Twitter Lights Out Enhanced Dark Mode

Twitter Update Brings “Lights Out” Enhanced Dark Mode

Twitter has announced and subsequently rolled out a new “Lights Out” enhanced dark mode to their app. The update was a cloud-side push so if you have the app installed on your iPhone, you should have the feature now. The feature, when enabled, creates a near pure black palette, especially on OLED displays, to add just that little bit more eye comfort.

To check, open up Twitter then tap your avatar and go to your Settings and privacy settings. Then go down to Display and sound settings and you will see the option to chose either between Dim, the normal dark mode, or Lights out.

Twitter Lights Out Enhanced Dark Mode
Twitter Lights Out Enhanced Dark Mode

The new Lights Out mode is a reaction for those who have complained that the dark mode prior to this update wasn’t dark enough. Many complained that it was more a dark blue or grey than black. This is their answer to it and it is certainly much darker than the now named Dim mode.

As mentioned, you don’t have to do any update to the Twitter app on your iPhone to get this new darker mode. It is a cloud-side push to the app already installed on your iPhone and should be there now if you go have a look.

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