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Uber Announces New Uber Rewards Program Launching in Select US Cities

Uber has announced an all new rewards program for frequent users of the ride share service and Uber Eats.  Uber Rewards will allow you to earn points to reach new levels which in turn will earn you discounts, free rides and even free Uber Eats deliveries.  The program, which is rolling out to Miami, New Jersey, Denver, Tampa, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta and San Diego first, has already gone live in those cities.

If you live in these cities, or when it rolls out in your location, you will need to sign up for the program.  It is free.  Then you will have various tiers after you reach certain point levels.

  • Blue: 0-499 points with no benefits
  • Gold: 500-2499 with ability to cancel and rebook trips for free (if done within 15 minutes) and priority support
  • Platinum: 2500-7499 with price protection (even in rush hour) and priority pick-ups at airports
  • Diamond: 7500 or more with 24/7 phone support, the highest rated drivers, free upgrades, and three free Uber Eats deliveries every six months

How you earn points is pretty straight forward.

Here are how the points are earned:

  • 1 point for every dollar spent on UberPool and Uber Eats
  • 2 points for every dollar spent on UberX, UberXL, Select, and WAV
  • 3 points for every dollar spent on Black and Black SUV.

So for example, if you have a trip from home to your airport and it is $75, if you use Uber Black, you will earn 225 points.  Use UberXL, your points total would be 150.

Uber Rewards

Uber Rewards

The rewards program comes after Lyft launched a similar program a few weeks back as both ride share companies try to attract and keep frequent customers.

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