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Uh, Where is iOS 14.1?

Last week was a busy week for the Apple team. On Wednesday, iOS 14 was released to the general public along with iPadOS 14 and WatchOS 7. Then, on Friday, the Cupertino company released the first beta of iOS 14.2 to developers. That beta likely will get released to those in the public beta sometime this week. But that release made more than a few people scratch their head and ask, “What happened to iOS 14.1?”

Apple rarely – very rarely – ever skips a “Dot” release in iOS. In the case of 14.1, that will likely continue to hold true. But the skipping of a “Dot” release in this case likely has to do with the timing of the release of the next iPhone. That is expect to happen in October and it is probable that those new iPhone 12 models will come with iOS 14.1.

As for the composition of the .1 release, it likely will contain bug fixes as you would expect from the .0 release. It also may contain specific features or functions for the iPhone 12 lineup that are not available in previous models. That is lesser likely than the bug fix scenario but still possible. That will be different than the .2 release which, as we’ve already seen, has new features built into it (Shazam in Control Center for example). That release, while containing bug fixes, will be more of a feature release and not a bug fix release.

All this said, it is possible that Apple could skip the .1 release and release the new iPhone 12’s with 14.2. I personally don’t think that’ll be the case but it can’t be 100% dismissed.

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