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Uniloc Files Yet Another Suit Against Apple for Patent Infringement

Patent troll company Uniloc has filed yet another lawsuit against Apple, claiming patent infringement on how your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is provisioned by your mobile carrier.  The suit is the second in as many weeks from Uniloc, a company that sued Apple nearly a dozen times on different technologies in 2017 alone.

The patent in question was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2000 via 3Com and moved over to Hewlett Packard back in 2010 as part of that company’s acquisition of 3Com.  The patent was then moved to Uniloc in Luxembourg last year and then assigned to Uniloc 2017 LLC in May of this year.  You can read US Patent 6,856,616 here from the government’s website.

The patent specifically covers a “System and method for providing service provider configurations for telephones using a central server in a data network telephony system” and it leverages a identifying part number and a device identifier.  Once recognized, the devices is provided an address to a proxy server through which the configuration process is completed.

Uniloc claims that all iPhones from the iPhone 5 through to the new iPhone XS Max violate the patent along with cellular enabled iPads from the fourth and fifth generation, all iPad mini versions, iPad Pro, 2nd generation iPad Air models, and the Apple Watch Series 1, 2 and 3.  You can read their suit in detail here.

Uniloc is notorious for their lawsuits of patent infringement and while Apple is certainly one of their favorite targets, they are not the only one.  They have leveraged reassigned patents and somewhat generic language in them to go against the likes of McAfee, Microsoft, Rackspace, Sony, Symantec, and Aspyr to name but a few.  As with all of their suits, the company filed the case with the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas.

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