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Updated iWork for iOS Coming Next Week

With the announcement of the new iPad Air and iPad mini earlier today, Apple has also indicated a new update to iWork for iOS is coming next week. The updates are specifically aimed at these two new iPads with improved support for Apple Pencil.

Apple today announced an upcoming update to iWork for iOS, available next week, with enhanced integration of Apple Pencil including new animation options in Keynote that let users draw an animation path for any object, and an all-new user interface that enables easy implementation of build effects, including move, rotate and scale.


While the are not a lot of details on what is coming with these updates, it clearly seems that they are aimed at content creation in Keynote. Pages and Numbers, the document and spreadsheet apps that make up iWork for iOS along with Keynote, were not mentioned. That doesn’t mean there won’t be Apple Pencil support and improvements, they just may be minor in nature.

No firm indication from Apple on when next week we can expect these updates. It is also possible that Apple will use the time to issue maintenance updates to the Mac versions of these apps too.

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