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US House of Representatives to Introduce Net Neutrality Legislation

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has indicated that new legislation to bring back Net Neutrality. Last year, the FCC eliminated the Net Neutrality rules that were introduced under the Obama administration. The new legislation, dubbed the “Save the Internet Act”, Speaker Pelosi has indicated they will work with the US Senate to get the legislation passed.

Net Neutrality at a basic level, prevents carriers from providing “fast lanes” for content which the creator paid to have while also eliminating ISPs from blocking or slowing down content that didn’t pay for the benefit. In other words, it levels out the Internet by requiring ISPs and providers to be neutral to all content.

While the content of this new legislation is not known, it is expected to have much of the same language as the Neutrality rules prior to being dismantled in 2018. This new legislation is expected to be introduced tomorrow, March 5, 2019.

Multiple states have been opposed to the FCCs repealing of the rules, while California was actually sued by the US government over the passing of their own neutrality laws.

It is unclear if the legislation has enough support to pass both the House and Senate but based on previous attempts at creating such legislation, the chances are high it will pass in both houses. It would then have to go to President Trump for signature, which is unlikely. If the President vetos the legislation, Congress would have to have a two-thirds majority in favor of the legislation to override the veto.

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